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Welcome to the community brought to you by a happily married Webpreneur Mom and Breast Cancer Survivor who is passionate about helping others, and my fellow Pink Sisters. Help and Awareness is passionate about helping all Cancer Fighters and those who need to bring awareness to important causes. We pray for you and hope for the best during your journey. has a dream to share all things Breast Cancer as well as other causes that need our help so they can help others. You can help us bring awareness to all the important issues and causes that need our support. You can make a diffence. Sit back, relax and enjoy our website. Take a look around. Shop online, hlep others, and help make a difference. Join us on our social hangouts as we share, celebrate, enlighten and inspire others all over the world. Together we can help make a difference and hopefully someones day a little better and brighter. Thanks for visiting.

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